Orange Moles! A Mole Catchers Suprise!

Orange Moles! A Mole Catchers Suprise!

Here you are guys!

Pest Control Wokingham- For you that havn’t seen them! It was only last week Robin caught a orange mole! We have been catching them from all over the wokingham area! Although we seem to get this from very rich, dark and sticky soil! Make me wonder if it’s got anything to do with the minerals in the worms the moles are eating? I must admit I couldn’t belive my eyes when I caught the first one! I caught 4 all in the one day! Its a shame as I just see them as a regular mole now I have seen so many of them!

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Odd MolesMoles in Berkshire

mole control wokingham

Odd Moles in Wokingham

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