Wasp Nest Removal Facts. 10 Interesting Wasp Facts

Wasp Nest Removal Facts. 10 Interesting Wasp Facts

Wasp Nest Facts

Here are 10 interesting facts about wasps and wasp nest removal.

  1. Wasps are like many other insect species, wasps are known to be a social insect. As many as 8,000-10,000 wasps are believed to live in a single wasp nest. The queen wasp, who is the only fertile female wasp in the nest, builds the nest using a papery substance made of chewed wood saliva.
  2. Wasps are known for their sting, which can be very painful. Wasp stings can be fatal as some people are allergic to the wasps venom. A wasps sting can swell and form a lump that takes a few days to heal.
  3. When a wasp dies it releases a smell (called a pheromone). This smell warns the other wasps of the lurking danger and is an indicator that help is needed. This is why wasps will chase their victim hundreds of meter on the attack!
  4. Diet: Nectar, Insects, Caterpillars, Fruits.
  5. Wasps, being omnivorous animals, eat a mixture of plants and other animals. They tend to eat sweet plants and feed on nectars, fruits and honey. However, they also eat other insects and meat from dead animals such as road kill.
  6. Wasps are predated upon by different animals, which can include birds, reptiles and various species of mammal. This is despite of their bright colours, which would usually deter a predator.
  7. Since wasps predate on caterpillars, they are considered as beneficial to farmers. They could search the whole area to find food and eat caterpillars, which would damage the crops.
  8. Wasps are become very aggressive during the months from August to October. During this period, their food preference shifts from insects to food and waste. This is also the time when wasps can come in contact with humans and attack them.
  9. Wasps are only active during the daylight hours and they can be usually found resting in their nests during the hours of darkness.
  10. This is a dangerous time to come into contact with the wasps nest as up to 10,000 could be in the nest! However if you want to destroy a wasp nest and you have a full bee suit on them this is an ideal time.

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