Rabbit Control Specialist Berkshire

Rabbit Control Specialist Berkshire

DKG Pest Control specialise in Mole and Rabbit control, our main aim is to control the pests with traps, snares, ferrets and the safe use of guns. This is much safer in most cases than the use of gassing compounds.

Dean has over 15 years experience in rabbits control and Robin has 40+ years under his belt.

Between the two of them there isn’t a situation they can’t control. I was asked to remove some rabbits today by a lady who had only a couple of rabbit migrating from a farm next door. They had nearly killed three nice shrubs by eating the bark, totally eaten alot of her salad plants from her vegtable patch and dug 10/12 holes in her fine lawn.

I set 6 baited cage traps and 3 body grip traps, due to check them at 8am tomorrow.

DKG Pest Control Berkshire

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